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Behind The Lens

CHRISTOPHER GERGELY is the name. I am a filmmaker/editor working in the Mid-Atlantic area. I love immersing myself in the various aspects of production. I have worked on everything from promotional and event videos to independent feature films. My style encompasses the simple elegance of classical film with a postmodern twist.

Growing up I always had a talent for detail. Though I love the collaborative nature of the industry I am often criticized for being a perfectionist. I attended college in 2005 at Anne Arundel Community College and received my A.A. in business administration. But something about it just didn’t satisfy my need to create. After a year of soul searching I enrolled at Towson University and fell in love with the EMF program. I graduated with a degree in film and started my own company.

While I love producing and directing my own projects, it’s nice to come home to my cat Cheeto or go on various outdoor adventures with friends. But my passion is for the arts; photography, music, fine arts, etc. On or off set I am easy to get along with and am very accommodating. I like to understand exactly what is expected so I can set the bar a step higher as I enjoy a good challenge. It has always been my philosophy to work WITH the client, not just for them. 

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